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Friday, March 31, 2017


in response to The Weekend in B&W

Les Ecuries van de tram

in response to Norm's Thursday DOORS

Les Ecuries van de tram (= Tram stables) 
are located on the site of one of the oldest tram depots in Brussels. Very precisely in the stables built for the horses of the  Brussels' Tramway. 
Nowadays organic market is held every Friday and Saturday morning. You will find there fruits, vegetables, bread, meat, cheeses, wines, dry bulk groceries, drug and hygiene products, fruit juices, coffees, teas, Peruvian specialties etc.

Fairy tale

The Castle of La Hulpe, Belgium


in response to Skywatch Friday


Thursday, March 30, 2017


in response to Paula's Thursday's Special - ILLUSION
For this theme you can use forced perspective, fake miniatures, creative bokeh, panning, long exposure, silhouette photography – to name but few of the most commonly used tools.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Spring is the beginning of the season cycle, a time of birth and new beginnings. It is also the energy of the element Wood. You can take photos of anything that relates to the seasons of Spring or any kind of Wood.

Visiting Belgium

in response to Our World Tuesday

Tervuren, Belgium

Is Wind strong enough?

in response to Sue's image-in-ing

Tervuren, Belgium


in response to Paula's B&W Sunday  - AFTER & BEFORE
you are supposed to show the same photo, regardless of the subject, in both monochrome and colour

Brugge, Belgium

Saturday, March 25, 2017


in response to Paula's Thursday's Special - WINDING

Skopje, Macedonia
Frescoed ceiling of Saint Pantelejmon, Nerezi

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring rebirth

Those of you who’d like to go more interpretive still have plenty of options: try an image of something you envy, or a photo inspired by the one of the other common associations with green (life, health, youth, money, hope). 

A metal sculpture titled Wounded but standing in the face of the unthinkable, shaped like rising waves was inaugurated  near the very heart of the European Union today to honour the victims of the militant attacks on Brussels a year ago that killed 32 people and wounded hundreds

Wordless Wednesday

in response to Wordless Wednesday


Monday, March 20, 2017

Bit Pazar

in response to Leanne's Monochrome Madness 3 - 48

Skopje, Macedonia

View from Bit Pazar (the main centre of trade in agricultural and handicraft products in Skopje for centuries) towards Stara Čaršija (Old Bazaar) - an important centre of commerce during Ottoman times when it enjoyed its peak importance. The Ottoman heritage is predominant in Stara Čaršija: there are roughly 30 mosques, three caravanserais, and a few hamams (Turkish baths) still standing, in addition to a clock tower and other Ottoman structures.


in response to Sue's image-in-ing

Skopje, Macedonia
The Church of Saint Clement of Ohrid often called simply Soborna Crkva, is the largest cathedral of the Macedonian Orthodox Church 

Garden of Eden in the city center

in response to Monday Mural



in response to Cee's ODD BALL Challenge

Skopje, Macedonia

Sunday, March 19, 2017


in response to Daily Post - ATOP

Gorno Nerezi, Macedonia
Church of St. Ilija
Gorno Nerezi is a small village near Skopje, at an altitude of 771 meters. It is situated on the wooded slopes of Mt. Vodno

Friday, March 17, 2017


in response to SKYwatch Friday

Skopje, Macedonia
The Skopje Fortress commonly referred to as Kale (from kale, the Turkish word for 'fortress'), is a historic fortress located in the old town of Skopje. It is situated on the highest point in the city overlooking the Vardar River. 

It all depends on what you want

Post-processing can be so much fun. You can do so many different things with a single image.
Share a series of a single photo with different treatments

Skopje, Macedonia

Macedonian National Theater
processed in Color Exef Pro 4


in response to The Weekend in B&W

Skopje, Macedonia
The Church of Saint Clement of Ohrid is the largest cathedral of the Macedonian Orthodox Church

Which way

Skopje, Macedonia

Monday, March 13, 2017

We wish you great stay in Skopje

in response to Our World Tuesday
Where family-friendly bloggers share images of their world and tell us a little bit of the story about the place

Matka Canyon, Macedonia

Matka is a canyon located west of central Skopje, Macedonia. Covering roughly 5,000 hectares, Matka is one of the most popular outdoor destinations in Macedonia and is home to several medieval monasteries. St. Andrew's Monastery is situated in the gorge of the Treska River. Built in 1389 by King Vukašin's son Andrijaš, it contains frescoes painted by Jovan the Metropolitan.

Friday, March 10, 2017

SKYwatch Friday

                     in response to Skywatch Friday

                         Skopje Aqueduct

The question of when the Skopje Aqueduct was built is unclear. It was in use until the eighteenth century. Only about 386 meters with 55 arches of this structure of stone and brick remain. It is assumed that the aqueduct took water from the spring Lavovec (village Gluvo in mountain Skopska Crna Gora), 9 kilometers northwest from Skopje and brought water to city center.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Traces of the Past

     in response to Paula's Thursday's Special - TRACES OF THE PAST

                        Skopje, Macedonia

                         workers at  Skupi... archaeological site several kilometers from the center of Skopje, in the Republic of Macedonia. A Roman military camp was founded here in the second century BC on the site of an older Dardanian settlement. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Our world today

in response to Our World Today 

Skopje, Macedonia

Pick a word

in response to Paula's Thursday's Special - PICK A WORD
you are free to choose one of the 5 offered words, and depict it in a photograph or you can do more than one word and post more than one photograph, or you may choose all of the words and depict them in a single image
words to choose from:

(the best day of one's life - so they say)



Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tuesday's of TEXTURE

in response to Narami's Tuesday's of TEXTURE

Lava fields covered with moss, Iceland 

The Road Taken

This challenge is wide open — show us the excitement, surprise, wonder, or amazement of your “road taken."

Zagreb, Croatia

B&W in colour

Do you sometimes take color photographs in which the color is so muted that the image looks black and white?

is a tephra cone or tuff ring volcano in northern Iceland.

It erupted in 2500 BP in the southern part of the Krafla fissure swarm. The crater is approximately 
1 km in diameter.
The rim of the crater is only accessible by two paths, from the northwest and south. It is strictly forbidden to use other routes in ascent or descent.